[RC5] Communal offline NT services

Derek Brost brostd at enad302-095.cc.purdue.edu
Thu Apr 30 19:42:47 EDT 1998

Remi Guyomarch said:
>> Now the problem is is that when I start the service, it runs in
>> the offline mode properly, but it reports that there are 0 buffers
>> in the file \\mymachine-ws\rc5share\buff-in.rc5 and same for the
>> output buffer. It proceeds to generate random blocks. When I stop
>> the client it doesn't write any buffers and reports buffer file
>> errors.
>Just an educated guess : your service clients runs under the "local
>system" account (I think it's the default) and thus can't access the
>NetBEUI network. Change the account to some network account on your NT
>domain (and grant "modify" permission on the shared directory to this
>account) and it will work.

Yes, this seems to be true. Looking under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
CurrentControlSet\Services\bovrc5nt and the value ObjectName I see "REG_SZ
: LocalSystem". I tried your suggestion and changed the value
"LocalSystem" to the name of an account on the NT domain which has
"change" permissions (no such permission listed as "modify"). After having
done this, when I try to start the service back up, it gives me the error
"Invalid service account". I also tried putting in another account, which
is a local administrator account on an NT domain one level higher, and it
says "Unknown error". (I'm assuming because I'm typing in the domain name
too, and it's having trouble parsing that correctly). These account are
good (they're what I use everyday), so I'm not sure of the problem. I
understand your suggestion, I'm just not sure how to implement in
correctly I guess.

Is this the right field in the Registry to be editing for your suggestion?
I looked around the registry and couldn't find anything else.

I appreciate your help. I know this should be a doable thing, I read that
the client was designed to be able to share buffers. I know someone
else has to be doing this on an NT system without using a personal proxy.
If I can get this to work the way I desire, (using the LAN) I will have
access to 150+ P133 and P233's!

Thanks for your help,
= Derek Brost
= dbrost at purdue.edu

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