[RC5] More subtle mac clients?

Casey Muller cmuller at thacher.org
Thu Apr 30 22:18:33 EDT 1998

Hi. I was wondering if anyone was aware of any way to make the mac clients
a little more subtle. I'm the head student administrator of a high school
computer network, and we have a couple of G3 and/or 300 Mhz Macs as well
as a dozen or two power macs publicly available. I'm already running RC5
on all the PCs (just under 2 Mkey/s), but the Mac clients keep getting
quit and are really more trouble then they're worth since people keep
asking what they are or blaming them for crashes.

The FBA link in the current-clients directory doesn't work, or I'd try
that. Anyone know anything about somehow hiding the application using
applescripts or anything? Mac is my least favorite OS, so I don't really
know how to do that sort of thing.

If this has already been discussed, just point me in the right direction.

Casey Muller
cmuller at thacher.org

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