[RC5] Win95 GUI lurk?

David Taylor David_Taylor at msn.com
Fri Apr 3 22:06:09 EST 1998

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> Given the small percentage of keyspace exhausted so far, I don't think
random blocks are going > to have a "high probability" of duping.

Actually, to allow the keyserver to survive with the current amount of
disk space, there are only a limited number (3 or 4 I think) of 2^56
subspaces open at one time, and the area that random blocks are chosen
from is from 1 of these subspaces, determined by the randomprefix=nnn
line in the .ini file. BTW - Don't change it, even though you might
think you are doing a good thing by choosing random blocks from a
different subspace to stop dups, it wont work.. I think the keyserver
will probably ignore any blocks from an 'unofficial' subspace..

Anyway, the chances of a random block being a dup is about 256 times
more likely because all the blocks are chosen from 1 subspace..

David Taylor
David_Taylor at msn.com

Note: All the stuff above may be total crap, I am not in anyway
associated with distributed.net!

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