[RC5] Solutions for a faster DES-II-3

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Sat Aug 1 16:38:21 EDT 1998

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:59:34 EDT, IKoulchine at aol.com wrote:
>> T-1min, the clients stop
>>  cracking RC5, and start to ask for the DES encrypted message.
>And what happens? Everyone starts asking for the message at the same moment.
>Result? The servers are completely overloaded(we would have what, 30000+
>computers trying to get the message simultaneously?) and we are looking at a
>potential crash that would delay us even longer

But one short string is allot smaller than refilling a buffer, 
especially, when a client may request 1000 buffers at once. So each
connection should close almost instantly.

And don't forget that 30000 connections will be distributed across 20
proxy severs, ie 1500 connections each. Personal proxies will reduce
this figure even further.

Now lets also take into account small variations on clock settings, say
30 seconds either way of real time. Assuming 1200 after pproxy
subtraction, that means you're looking at 20 connections per second.

Sounds feasible to me...

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