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Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Tue Aug 18 23:25:37 EDT 1998

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*** News ***

For the week ending 8/15/98, we did 66.8 million blocks for an average
keyrate of 29,630 Mk/s. This is an increase of 316,431 million blocks
and 983 Mk/s from last week. At 29,630 Mk/s, it will take 19.4 years
to exhaust the keyspace, down from 20.9 years last week, and 78.96
years after our first month on the project (11/22/97). If our rate is
growing linearly at 35,679 blocks per day, we will exhaust the
keyspace in 4.7 years. If our keyrate is doubling every 120 days,
we will exhaust the keyspace in 1.8 years. There are currently 41,406
emails that have submitted blocks in the last 30 days (out of a total
of 81,932 emails), and we should hit 2% completion Thursday.

*** Logo Design Contest ***

We are now holding a Design contest for the new distributed.net logo.

The current idea is a wireframe globe, solid where the land is, with
a string of ones and zeros in orbit. This idea is _NOT_ final, any
creative modification is possible and encouraged. Your task, should
you choose to accept it is to design/implement a logo. All
submissions due Sunday, August 22nd, 1998. More detailed guidelines
are posted at http://www.distributed.net/design/

*** New Client News ***

As you may have noticed, it has been a while since new clients have
come out for most platforms. The wait is over - later/this
week/weekend, 2.7100.418 will make its debut in beta with the
following new major features:

* RC5 MMX cores. Thanks to the hard work of Jason Papadopoulos
  (jasonp at glue.umd.edu) .418 clients will now proudly carry (the
  world's first?) MMX rc5 decryption cores. On a Pentium MMX the
  typical reported speedup has been 45% - this means that a Pentium
  MMX 200 would go from ~286 kkeys/sec to ~428 kkeys/sec.

  PLEASE NOTE that the mmx cores will run on all MMX processors, but
  are actually slower than the non-MMX cores for the AMD K6 & K6-2,
  Cyrix 6x86mx, and intel Pentium II processors. As such, the
  autodetect code picks the rc5 MMX core for the Pentium MMX processor
  only. This is not a bug, so please do not report it.

* Improved block counts. When doing fetches, flushes, and when loading
  blocks, the client now talks in multiples of 2^28 so that you know
  *exactly* how many 2^28 units of work you have.

* (Windows only) Dial on Demand support! Although it could still use
  some tweaking (which you can aid in by downloading the beta windows
  client and testing), it seems to work well. The client can initiate
  connection when it runs out of blocks, perform an update, then *hang
  up* when it's done - you no longer have to worry if your autodial
  will work, if it will actually hang up, etc.

If you'd like to help betatest this and future clients, please
subscribe to the beta testing list by sending a message to
majordomo at lists.distributed.net with the body "subscribe beta-test".
The locations of betas will be listed ONLY on this mailing list to
encourage feedback on the new clients. All comments regarding beta
clients should be directed to beta-test at lists.distributed.net, not to
rc5 at lists.distributed.net or any other list. If you are able, please
help beta test new clients on one or two of your systems; it will help
ensure more pleasant release version clients for everyone.
(Avid beta testers are also more likely to have feature requests
granted as well. <g>)

*** E-mail Block Fetching/Flushing News ***

As you may have noticed, the e-mail block fetcher/flusher has been
completely rewritten from the ground up to be much more robust and
reliable. (Responses to fetches/flushes come within minutes now,
usually.) However, not all features of the old fetcher/flusher have
been reimplemented yet. So, for the next few days it may not recognize
some options; please be patient. At current, only Base64 encoded MIME
attachments are being accepted.

*** Ways to donate to distributed.net ***


You can either follow a link, or if you are going to order a book over
the net, use the search engine on the page. You must place your order
through the distributed.net page, but you are not limited to just the
books we've recommended. Any amazon.com purchase through our page
results in a portion of the proceeds going to distributed.net
amazon.com has paid $631.35 to distributed.net in referal fees.


Register yourself at
We get somewhere around $0.30/day for each day you follow the banner
ads there. Their profiling seems to do a good job picking ads that
will be of interest to you, and most of them have ended up in my
bookmarks.  We're also getting an additional $1 for everyone signed
up next month... Eyegive has now paid $4,271.06 to distributed.net

Other ways to donate are listed on

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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