[RC5]V3...Lets beat the GIMPS effort

Jeff Woods jwoods at delta.com
Wed Aug 19 10:30:49 EDT 1998

No -- every 30 minutes, the program stops briefly to save the results of
the most recent iteration.  If you lose power, crash, whatever, the most
you'll lose is 30 minutes, assuming space on the hard drive exists.   (I've
lost several days' crunching once when a hard drive filled, and the
progress file could not be written).

At 08:41 PM 8/18/98 EDT, you wrote:

>I don't know a lot about GIMPS, but if for some reason a prime search, if you
>will, were interrupted, would you have to start over, loosing weeks worth of

>> This has been well debated on the GIMPS list.... It just isn't possible to
>>  distribute a given Lucas-Lehmer Mersenne test amongst multiple computers.
>>  About all d.net could bring to the table is 25,000 computers, each taking
>>  2-3 weeks per complete test.

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