[RC5] Time to completion

Eric Wikman eric_wikman at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 22 02:55:47 EDT 1998

David Taylor wrote:
>OK, I understand the new 5 & 6 bits but I still 
>don't get the Terraflops bit....

D.Net has long maintained a stat of Teraflops which is one trillion
floating point operations per second (speed rating of computer
hardware).  D.Net also claims to be the largest computer in the world
(true).  I did some research to find out what the next milestones are
in new supercomputers so that we would have a goal to reach for to
remain #1.  In 2000 IBM has a 10 TFlop system, in 2002 NEC has a 32
TFlop system, and in 2004 ASCI is shooting for 100.  Currently NEC is
#1 at 4 TFlops, while we are at 6.  Since Bruce has a widely read stat
sheet already he has been good enough to add to his volunteer workload
the monitoring of Teraflops.  So what you see is Bruce's presentation
of where his statistics predict we will be in 2000, 2002, and 2004.  

I think Bruce is doing a great job with the new stats, and I'm very
curious to see what formula turns out to be the most accurate in two
years from now.   

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