[RC5] AMD K6-2-300 performance problems!

Yonzie yonzie at inet.uni2.dk
Mon Aug 24 17:05:40 EDT 1998

Hi D-netters!

I just upgraded to a K6-2, and I was wondering if it was possible to
create a core to take advantage of the 3DNow! enhancements in the
processor. I am also having some performance problems with it that I
am currently contacting AMD about. The benchmark-speed can change from
493Kk/s(max) to <200Kk/s...I am thinking it may be some kind of
power-saving feature in the processor, but I'm not sure. IRL it mostly
runs at ~260Kk/s when the comp is just cracking. I'm pretty annoyed at
this since it should be able to do it almost twice as fast. I have
tried using different cores, and fiddling with the level of niceness,
but nothing seems to help.

Thanks a lot!


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