[RC5] reinventing the wheel?

Robin Shuff RobinShuff at idium.u-net.com
Sat Aug 29 22:28:25 EDT 1998

Hi! This is my first mailing to the list, but I wanted to give some useful
information (hope someone didn't get there before me :-)

This is an article from Personal Computer World magazine UK, October 98:

IT luminaries are poring millions into a search for alien life - and you,
too are being asked to help. Gordon Moore, William Hewlett, Paul Allen and
Sandy Lerner (founders respectively of Intel, HP, Microsoft and Cisco) have
each put money into the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute
(SETI). And late this year you will be able to download a program for
intelligence-testing data collected by the world's biggest radio telescope
at Aricicibo, Puerto Rico. The idea is that PCs can crunch the data as a
background task or while users are asleep. Users download about a quarter
megabyte of data, which takes about two days to process. Any suspicious
signs are reported back for further investigation. More that 115 000 people
have already signed up for the SETI at home scheme based at the University of
California. SETI <www.seti.org> hopes to complete five detailed analyses of
the entire sky within two years.
VNU Newswire

So they already have over 115 000 (yes, one hundred and fifteen thousand)
participants - over 3 times that of d.net - and are getting publicity like
the above.

Hope this is of some use / interest.

Robin Shuff

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Subject: RE: [RC5] reinventing the wheel?

>SETI at home <mailto:SETI at home>  has been around at least since the first
>d.net went to work on RC5-56.  Its just that they haven't received the
>funding they need.  Its not so much the client side stuff that they need
>help with, its that they need a fast easy way to pull the data from the
>Areceibo dish and the software to install THERE to do it on.
>The real kicker about this project is that IMO, it's the first one that
>might be able to achieve some kind of mainstream acceptance.  Considering
>the popularity of preposterism(the whole UFO phenomenon) and the
>low system requirements, plus the nice user interface (their "we're going
>be a big community" attitude), there's a real chance we could see a LOT of
>people doing this.  I WANT to participate in it, but I don't want to give
>the work I'm doing for d.net or GIMPS or Proth or....  Perhaps the V3 core
>could have a small SETI at home <mailto:SETI at home>  core built for it so that
>users who want to participate in all the contests will still be able to do
>so(but without the pretty SETI at home <mailto:SETI at home>  interface).
>I don't think their numbers of active participants is going to exceed
>d.net's within their first year of operations, but I do think that their
>userbase will grow faster.  Think about this, what if they could get Chris
>Carter or Gillian Anderson to come out at the end of an X-files show, or
>during a X-files bloopers episode, and tell people about SETI at home
><mailto:SETI at home> .  Combine publicity like that with the recent string
>"NASA/SETI is underfunded/needs help" movies to come out recently
>(Armaggedon, Contact, ID4, etc...) and a LOT of people could be
>I know that I sound like I'm reaching there, but at least with a project
>like this, that possibility exists (ie...why would anyone famous possible
>encourage support for breaking an encryption scheme?? Regardless of what
>think of international export laws, the mainstream just ISN'T going to pay
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> From: Kelly Yancey [mailto:kbyanc at freedomnet.com]
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> Subject: [RC5] reinventing the wheel?
> I just read an interesting article on ABCNews.com about a
> called Seti at home run by the University of California at
>Berkeley. It's a
> distributed computing project (that isn't off the ground
>yet) to search
> for extraterrestial life. Hey, don't these guys know that
> distributed.net already has the infrastructure??? Maybe
>someone at d.net
> ought to slap some sense into these guys :)
>   Here's the abcnews article:
>   And the UCB SETI at Home page:
> http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/
>   Kelly Yancey
> ~kbyanc at freedomnet.com~
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