[RC5] DES-II-3 [LONG] [Repost]

Raymond Tant raytant at netten.net
Sun Aug 30 10:42:23 EDT 1998

David Taylor wrote,

(Note: these are my observations and opinions - if I don't ask I only limit
( and I do read the list - but sometimes I miss a week or two, so if this
has been addressed I apologize)
{ raytant at netten.net  }

>An idea that I have seen before is putting a timer in the client to
>make it connect automatically when DES-II-3 starts, but that would
>very probably overload the proxy network.

Why not make the main proxy network bigger?
Or at least a stand by proxy network for DES-ii-3,4 ...
How many would you need to beep up the proxy network to handle something
like you described?
This would push some responsibility down the chain a little bit, but I know
there is some hard core RC5 crackers ready to do something else.
To help with the proxy network overload, you could stagger the actual
proxies out,
really less reliable uploads to less reliable, less reliable up loads to
reliable, reliable uploads to main.
But I would assume this is what is happening with the personal proxies.

(NEXT: big change of topic!)
>These blocks are then distributed (keeping a lot spare so clients
>that lose the blocks don't muck it up).

Is there a current way to track who is losing blocks?  Not to point fingers
but to fix holes - I have  been running for about 90 days and I personally
have lost about 900 blocks all in one failed personal proxy adventure
(let me make it clear, it was MY fault), anyway, I know everyone loses
blocks but is there a mechanism to track out/in.  It could expose holes for
us to fix!
Is there a way to track out going blocks to users is what I'm asking - of
course this doubles the stats machine work load, the proxies also. But would
it be worth it to see if blocks are being lost - which means time is being
wasted redoing blocks.

> With the current set-up we may
>.....unless the key happens to be in the first 3-4%.
Would starting somewhere other than the end or beginning be against D.nets
just asking - don't shoot me.


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> dtaylor at nildram.co.uk
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