[RC5] Never Enough...

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Mon Aug 31 21:56:28 EDT 1998

At 11:16 PM 30/08/98 , you wrote:
>I've looked here and there, but have not seen any real hard data on how to
>make sure that my PC's (all 3 so far) are running with the most optimized
>settings for their OS and speed.

It isn't that easy to tell, one way is to compare your speed to the speeds at

>All are running Win 95B (a Pentium 166, Pentium 75 and a 486DX120). Do we
>have any evidence that the GUI is slower than the text version? I haven't
>seen much difference with adjusting the 'niceness' on either.

I don't believe the GUI is slower. In fact in my experience its faster. It
looks much nicer, and moo's. :)  As for the niceness, you wouldn't see any
change by adjusting it unless you have another low priority process that is
stealing cpu power from the client (IE: Microsoft Find Fast). Otherwise, it
makes no difference.

One speed tip I've come across is to set noexitfilecheck=1 in the ini file,
probably don't use this feature anyway. Its not a huge speed gain, but it is
something. You should also use a checkpoint file to protect against losing
from crashes.
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