[RC5] Possible solution to open source problem.

Leonard Michlmayr lmichlma at radon.mat.univie.ac.at
Tue Dec 1 23:26:11 EST 1998

dan carter wrote:
> OK, now we'd all love to have the distributed.net code open sourced to
> a nice CVS server so that we can all have a hack at the code. The
> problem is that such a move opens the project to sabotage in that
> people could
> return to the servers blocks without testing them etc.

perhaps - additionally to the asymmetric cryptography thing you
suggested - there could be checksums of the values returned by the
checking routine. it should be easy to make sure that only somebody who
checked the block knows the checksum. distributed net then could carry
out spot checks on the validity of these checksums. this would cost a
little bit of the key rate, because some blocks need to be calculated
twice, but it may pay if this can discourage people from trying to
improve their stats by pretending that they have checked more blocks
than they actually did.

Leonard Michlmayr
 She said she loved crackers...
        ...therefore I joined d-net

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