[RC5] Windows Screen Savers

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Wed Dec 2 13:58:15 EST 1998

Why not try to get them to alter their screensaver? 

Remember though that a standard Pentium processor can crunch thousands of
keys a second even when it doesn't have full use of the CPU..  You may just
have to take what you can get..
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		OK, I normally use "Blank" as my screen saver on my work
box, but
		several of the PII's in our office use GL screen savers on
non or
		lightly GL accelerated video cards.  Now, this wouldn't be
so bad,
		except that Windows runs the screen saver program *even*
when the APM
		kicks the monitor off at night.  Does anyone know any
solution to this? 
		Is there anything available that will make the screen saver
		execution or lower priority when APM has kicked the monitor
to sleep or
		off?  Is there a way that the client could (as an option)
detect this
		condition and raise its priority to application level or
time critical?

		Thanks in advance,
		Colin Hildinger

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