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ncc1701 at mindspring.com ncc1701 at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 2 23:13:31 EST 1998

>On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Colin Hildinger wrote:
>> OK, I normally use "Blank" as my screen saver on my work box, but
>> several of the PII's in our office use GL screen savers on non or
>> lightly GL accelerated video cards.  Now, this wouldn't be so bad,
>> except that Windows runs the screen saver program *even* when the APM
>> kicks the monitor off at night.  Does anyone know any solution to this?
>> Is there anything available that will make the screen saver stop
>> execution or lower priority when APM has kicked the monitor to sleep or
>> off?  Is there a way that the client could (as an option) detect this
>> condition and raise its priority to application level or time critical?
>Is this true even if you set the "Energy saving features of monitor" on
>the "Screen Saver" tab of the "Display Properties" dialog box?  It would
>seem that Windows would understand that it didn't need to run the screen
>saver while Windows itself had put the monitor in low-power standby or
>shut it off. <SARCASM with more than a tinge of truth> Of course, I still
>want DoJ to force Microsoft to produce less buggy software or be forced to
>release their source to the public domain. </sarcasm>
Nope, doesn't do it. Windows 95 and 98 always did (and still do) run the
screen saver even on power save. Several times I've moved the mouse a bit to
wake up the computer and had the monitor come up with the screen saver still
on. I suspect this was to facilitate passworded screen savers. If the screen
saver didn't come on or shut down when the computer powered down, it would
be unpassword protected. Of course, Microsoft could have coded a wake-up
password, <Sarcasm> but hey, they're Microsoft, they can waste your
computer's CPU time if they want, right? </Sarcasm>

hehe I like the <sarcasm> tag. Perhaps the next version of HTML. What's
funnier is my Microsoft e-mailer warned me that it wasn't a valid HTML tag!

Scott Holder
ncc1701 at mindspring.com

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