[RC5] Companies?

Daniel C. Petrak dpetrak at fct.com
Thu Dec 3 18:07:00 EST 1998

I don't think the correct place for this idea is with hardware vendors, but 
with ISPs and communications software vendors.  Just because someone owns a 
computer does not imply they have networking access.

The greatest chance we would have to 'get the name out' would be to strike 
a deal with AOL and similar companies.  If d.net software were an 
installation option with the latest version of AOL [or the like] we'd have 
many more members, to be sure.

Taking that a step further, do we have any AOL connections?  Is there a 
keyword BOVINE or something?  One of our members must certainly have the 
necessary drive and connections to make this sort of thing happen.

Daniel C. Petrak
Senior System Administrator
The FCT Group of Companies

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That would be "a bad idea" for I know most consumers (myself included)
would be pretty torqued if the machine they just shelled out big dollars
for is running invisible software that transmits information over the
Internet at will.  However, a nifty project might be asking local stores,
etc. To include a CD/Disk whatever with the software, and perhaps a
pamphlet discussing D.net's efforts with the computer, kind of a "Look at
this nifty thing you can do with your fast new computer, and you might win
money" type of thing.  It'd need to be well written, but the installer is
fairly idiot-proof, and any reasonably handy computer user could install
the software.  But I don't think that the project would want OEMs
installing the software unbeknownst to consumers, and I don't think most
OEMs would want to get caught in doing so, even if their intentions are
noble, there may be an "appearance of impropriety" so to speak. -Seth

At 09:52 AM 12/3/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Has anyone talked with some computer companies about putting rc5 clients
>into computers they sell? This could generate A TON of blocks. I'm sure
>it wouldn't be too hard to convince companies to let us.
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