[RC5] overclocking + RC5?

Derric Riegel spieg at ccm.tds.net
Thu Dec 3 18:02:30 EST 1998

>>   dear d-netters:
>> does anybody has expieriences in overclocking a P-II 266Mhz 
>> and running RC5 on it?
>> I've read, I might have to install cpu-cooling Programs like 
>> Waterfall or anything else, which set cpu to energy saving
>> mode if its not used (ahem... what was this with idle-time
>> and RC5-Clients???)
>> ...well, I don't want to put my Pc into the fridge (well, 
>> maybe then I can run on 450 mhz and more???), but if it
>> works, please tell me.
 Ive got a pii-266 running 68.5x4.5(309), if you have an abit motherboard,
333 is definately a possiblity (you will most likely have to add some
voltage to achieve this). If you dont have an abit, you can still do it, if
you are good with a soldering iron and like to perform surgery on your
hardware. Its not by any means a simple procedure tho. 309 is fairly esay
to attain, as for the cpuidle/rain/waterfall proggies, heres what they do.
basically, they cut the voltage to your cpu a little, .1 volts or so, and
in essence, put your cpu in a standby mode. however, with rc5 running, rc5
will take a higher priority, and thus these proggies are useless. without
rc5 runnin, these proggies will knock a few or at most 10 degrees farenheit
off your operating temperatures. if you are planning to overclock that
pii(klamath core), its gonna get hot, so make sure you have a fan or 2 in
your box(personally i have 7). waterfall, unlike the other idle programs,
can actually help you overclock. it allows you to set it up so that when
your cpu reaches a certain load, itll kick on and basically limit your cpu.
kind of defeating the purpose of overclocking if you ask me, but i guess it
gives you the bragging rights to say ya squeezed out a few more mhz. in any
case, if your interested, under win9x, with my 266 at 309 and *nothing* else
aside from the shell running, i average 865kkeys. best of luck to ya, feel
free to ask any questions, ill try to answer em for ya.

Derric Riegel
spieg at ccm.tds.net

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