[RC5] overclocking + RC5?

Korvus korvus at tasam.com
Thu Dec 3 22:36:46 EST 1998

I disagree with the Waterfall comment -- even while you're using the
computer you are rarely using 100% CPU time (the principle that d.net was
based on) and therefore it makes logical sense that it would still help the
computer while it's running.  Two facts remain, however:

1) Waterfall and RC5 DON'T mix -- I've tried it.  Either Waterfall will
never kick in or RC5 will have such a low keyrate it's not even worth it

2) I agree with the speed comment.  Overclocking a 266 to 450 is absurd.
Ignoring the "more advanced technology" comment (which very well may apply),
I still wouldn't overclock a processor by more than 20-25% just out of
common sense.  That gives you 333 at best.  And I would certainly not try
that without a fan in the case in addition to a processor fan (not just a
heat sink on the processor).

Oh, and one more thing -- if you have to run Waterfall YOU'VE OVERCLOCKED
TOO MUCH.  Trust me.

          - Jeff Poole

>The ability to run rc5 and overclock are for the most part completely
>separate.  If the processor won't run rc5 stabily, it will crash on
>other programs too, just less frequently.  Program such as waterfall
>are basically the modern incarnation of snake oil as far as I'm
>concerned.  Using them just ensures that your computer will only crash
>when you're actually doing something, instead of crashing frequently if
>the processor isn't properly cooled.
>The maximum speed you can hope for your PII-266 to run at is 300.  333
>and above PII processors were made using a more advanced technology;
>300s and below are unlikely to be able to go that fast.  450 is
>certainly not an option.
>Mike "Silby" Silbersack
>silby at silby.com
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