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Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
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À (At) 14:49 -0500 4/12/98, rc5-digest écrivait (wrote) :
> Anyone else using an iMac to crack blocks? I just set mine up and I can't
> get the rate over 750 kkeys/sec. That seems a bit slow to me, is there
> something I'm doing wrong? I've got max CPU utilization set, but it doesn't
> seem to get much faster. I know it's only 233 mhz, but I was hoping to get
> at least 800 out of it. Any tips?

I don't use an iMac but I run rc5 on PowerMacintosh G3/233 at work which is 
the same more or less as your iMac. I get the same keyrate.

You're not doing anything wrong. To get 800kkeys/sec requests a 266MHz 
PowerPC 604 or 750 (aka G3). On PowerPCs 604 and 750 1MHz = 1x2^28 block 
per day.

With a 9600/350 (PowerPC 604er @ 350 MHZ) you crack 350 2^28 blocks per day.
With a G3/300 (PowerPC 750 @ 300 MHZ) you crack 300 2^28 blocks per day.

What makes G3-based Macs more powerful than 604-based Macs is the usage of 
a Level 2 (external) BackSide Cache RAM but rc5 code is so small that it 
fits entirely in the Level 1 (internal) cache of the PowerPCs, both 604 and 

Something interesting may come with the G4 PowerPCs and their Altivec 

Altivec is Motorola's smart answer to Intel's MMX architecture.

See <http://www.mot.com/> for more informations.
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