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Tom Ray tom.ray at tsbde.state.tx.us
Fri Dec 4 14:28:45 EST 1998

  as to getting the client distributed, I am in the process of drawing up
plans for opening up my own business. I'll have about 20-30 systems there.
If this goes forward, not only will I install the clients on my systems,
but I'll have a display of some sort out front talking about d.net .
  I seem to be unable to post to the list, so you may forward this message
for others to read. If I do this, I'll need someone to come up with an
appropriate display of some sort and method of distributing the client.


>Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 12:55:12 -0600
>From: "Seth H. Bokelman" <sethb at iastate.edu>
>Subject: Re: [RC5] Companies?
>That would be "a bad idea" for I know most consumers (myself included)
>would be pretty torqued if the machine they just shelled out big dollars
>for is running invisible software that transmits information over the
>Internet at will.  However, a nifty project might be asking local stores,
>etc. To include a CD/Disk whatever with the software, and perhaps a
>pamphlet discussing D.net's efforts with the computer, kind of a "Look at
>this nifty thing you can do with your fast new computer, and you might win
>money" type of thing.  It'd need to be well written, but the installer is
>fairly idiot-proof, and any reasonably handy computer user could install
>the software.  But I don't think that the project would want OEMs
>installing the software unbeknownst to consumers, and I don't think most
>OEMs would want to get caught in doing so, even if their intentions are
>noble, there may be an "appearance of impropriety" so to speak. -Seth
>At 09:52 AM 12/3/01 -0600, you wrote:
>>Has anyone talked with some computer companies about putting rc5 clients
>>into computers they sell? This could generate A TON of blocks. I'm sure
>>it wouldn't be too hard to convince companies to let us.
>>Jadin Hanson

>Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 18:07:00 -0600
>From: "Daniel C. Petrak" <dpetrak at fct.com>
>Subject: RE: [RC5] Companies?
>I don't think the correct place for this idea is with hardware vendors, but 
>with ISPs and communications software vendors.  Just because someone owns a 
>computer does not imply they have networking access.
>The greatest chance we would have to 'get the name out' would be to strike 
>a deal with AOL and similar companies.  If d.net software were an 
>installation option with the latest version of AOL [or the like] we'd have 
>many more members, to be sure.
>Taking that a step further, do we have any AOL connections?  Is there a 
>keyword BOVINE or something?  One of our members must certainly have the 
>necessary drive and connections to make this sort of thing happen.
>Daniel C. Petrak
>Senior System Administrator
>The FCT Group of Companies


Tom Ray
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
 Webmaster, Postmaster, Network Administrator

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