[RC5] overclocking + RC5?

Joseph Armstrong jarmstro at powerup.com.au
Sun Dec 6 12:41:22 EST 1998

>does anybody has expieriences in overclocking a P-II 266Mhz and running RC5
on it?

I have clocked a 266 to 350 and run it for 14 days non stop in a standard
air conditioned office, no other cooling.

I have clocked (and still have) 2 Celeron 300's clocked to 450 in my air
conditioned bedroom - one has been running non stop for 3 months, the other
for a little over 2 weeks. I cam home one evening to discover I'd forgot to
connect the fan cable to the CPU - it was soooo hot, I had to turn it off
for 10 minutes before I could touch it - it was still running but I must
admit it was only doing about 20 percent of what it was :-)  It is back to
450 now with the fan running normally.

I work in a shop where we regularly overclock for clients who want it and we
follow the developments. We've found that in the Celeron case, if one builds
a new box, fully formats, installs etc from the ground up (rather than
swapping an existing drive over etc) then stability is the norm in over 95
percent of the time.

We have recently had a batch of Celerons that would not clock at all, even
in 3 different m/boards. Every Celeron 300A we've had is quite happy at 450

Hope that helps.

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