[RC5] overclocking + RC5?

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Fri Dec 4 12:00:24 EST 1998

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>2) I agree with the speed comment.  Overclocking a 266 to 450 is absurd.
>Ignoring the "more advanced technology" comment (which very well may
>I still wouldn't overclock a processor by more than 20-25% just out of
>common sense.  That gives you 333 at best.  And I would certainly not try
>that without a fan in the case in addition to a processor fan (not just a
>heat sink on the processor).

FYI, I'm currently running a Celeron 300A at 450MHz (100x4.5) and it is
stable and cool.  It's in a Asus P2B board with a heatsink/fan and doesn't
need a aditional fan case.  I don't have a hot running 3D card yet though.
The 300A is the same processor core, Deschutes, as the newer PII's but
instead of the 512KB cache running at 1/2 cpu core speed like the PII's, the
Celeron 300A and 333 have 128KB running at FULL cpu speed like the Xeon's.

I ran the bus at 103 for a while, but I got occasional crashes.  It's been
stable at 100 though.

>Oh, and one more thing -- if you have to run Waterfall YOU'VE OVERCLOCKED
>TOO MUCH.  Trust me.

I agree, software isn't the answer for something like that.  I could see how
it might be handy to extend notebook battery life, but not for overclocking
a desktop that you want to run rc5 on.


PS  I'm getting 1.3MKps from this machine on RC5-64 and the CPU cost $105.

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