[RC5] overclocking + RC5?

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> > 2) I agree with the speed comment.  Overclocking a 266 to 450 is absurd.
> Not if you have a Celeron which actually has the core of 400 or 450 mhz
> PII but without cache. Sold as 266 or 300.

Same here...a friend of mine has a Celeron 300A, which is 
normally clocked at 66 x 4.5 (multiplier locked) on an LX 
motherboard. He put it on a BX motherboard, and boom, 100 x 4.5 
= 450 mhz. This works really well with no more fans than usual 
(well, the heatsink on his chip has two, but other than that...). This 
works a lot better than a PII 300 standard, because the 128 kB 
cache (plenty to hold the RC5 code, I think) is on-die, not just on 
chip as with the PII. Also the heatsink & fans are closer on Celeron.

There were also a few PII-300s made before August or something 
(there's a code on the chip to check for) that are actually PII-
450s...oops Intel. Trust me -- the marks are identical. It isn't 
overclocking on that chip. Too bad they're impossible to find, and 
most of the people who have them probably don't know it.

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