[RC5] New stats

Steve Carr SteveCarr at ibm.net
Wed Dec 9 11:51:33 EST 1998

This idea sounds good, but how would you decide where the keys came from?

1 - By IP address.  It would show a huge concentration at, say, the IBM
filewall/gateway that I for one use, or any similar setup that global
organisations might use.

2) by eMail address.  It would show a bias towards USA due to the 'fact' that
USA owns the net and all .com. .net etc domains come are theoretically US

3) by 'self identification'.  This would
a) only work for those that bother to do it
b) doesn't reflect where the actual machines cracking the keys are located
(some of mine are in Australia, some in New Zealand etc...)

There may be some other method I've not thought of, but these ones are the
first that sprang to mind.

Scott Dodson wrote:

> Also, maybe if possible a color coded map of the world, kind
> of like those altitude maps but have it show the different ammount of
> people by color coding.

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