[RC5] D-Net screensaver?

Rocko Mario.Hirth at jk.uni-linz.ac.at
Thu Dec 17 20:59:08 EST 1998

Hi D-Netters!
Is there a D-Net screensaver or something like that?

Well, we all know what happens with keyrate if you use a screensaver,
but there are many people who can't live without (question is: why?).

2nd fact is: The little cow in the traybar is pretty and funny, but who
recognizes this?
I don't mean, that the person who installed the Client should get
messages of the Client just to don't forget his cow in the traybar, but
a good made screensaver is like wearing D-net t-shirts or doing other
The screensaver could be optimized for running Clients (No CPU-using
picture-moving, only fading in and out...), and it could be a
stats-report too.
A little descripion of RC5 and DES could appear, what D-net has to do
with this and what stats are doing... (I don't know what is possible in
programming screensavers, but maybe it could connect to D-net and read
the global stats)

I'm not against wearing D-net t-shirts, but I know, that I don't ask
somebody what the logo on his shirt is, but I watch screensavers if
there is one and I have to wait for something.
AND: I wont buy a T-shirt (and pay twice the price just for shipping it
to Europe).

Mhm, tell me if you don't like my idea,

                               cu later (at least 1 mill. floors


Ps.: thx for the response 'cause of the overclocking, Konrad (my PC) is
now running at 300mhz (instead of 266) and still doing a good job.
Poor thing, he didn't eat 333 (He crashed, but the CPU didn't seem to be
too hot ???????).

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