[RC5] OGR/FIFO buffers

IKoulchine at aol.com IKoulchine at aol.com
Fri Dec 18 15:19:54 EST 1998

Hi everybody.
I have a question and assugestion to make. First the question.
What exactly is the status of the OGR project? Is it under development? in the
next client? or are we just waiting to finish RC-5?
Now the suggestion.
I've been following the discussion concerning FIFO buffers, and I believe I
have a way to solve the problem that wouldn't be too hard to code and would
solve the problem of stale blocks. What if we used 2 in buffers, one(let's
call it A) for writing newly fetched blocks and one more(call it B) for
reading blocks to crack? When buffer B is emptied, the computer would start
reading blocks from buffer A and write to buffer B. When buffer A were
emptied, it'd switch the buffers again and the process would repeat. This
would cause the client to write to the newer buffer and read the older buffer
to completion, resulting in all old blocks being checked before moving to any
new ones.

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