[RC5] Where is the OS info coming from?

Bjoern Labitzke hermit at labitzke.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 19 19:02:10 EST 1998


On the stats pages you can look at a statistic about how many blocks were
processed on which OS. How is this information gathered? I assume the
information is compiled in the clients, but that would mess up things.
E.g. I can run FreeBSD or Linux clients as well as the native NetBSD
clients here (and do that, as there are no current NetBSD clients), but
assume that the credits goes to a wrong OS then. Or is it handled some
other way?

(I know my block numbers won't change the statistics that much, but I
guess there may be more persons using non-NetBSD-clients on NetBSD.)

TIA and bye,


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