[RC5] Where is the OS info coming from?

Geoff Wing mason at primenet.com.au
Sun Dec 20 08:49:42 EST 1998

Bjoern Labitzke <hermit at labitzke.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de> typed:
:On the stats pages you can look at a statistic about how many blocks were
:processed on which OS. How is this information gathered? I assume the
:information is compiled in the clients, but that would mess up things.
:E.g. I can run FreeBSD or Linux clients as well as the native NetBSD
:clients here (and do that, as there are no current NetBSD clients), but
:assume that the credits goes to a wrong OS then. Or is it handled some
:other way?
:(I know my block numbers won't change the statistics that much, but I
:guess there may be more persons using non-NetBSD-clients on NetBSD.)

It's compiled inside the client.  So, yes, those of us running non-NetBSD
clients on NetBSD will be crediting another OS.  Similarly for any other
OS which is running rc5des for a different OS.  You can build your own
client now though I haven't done so yet.  I don't know if the client source
release is complete or ready to participate in distributed.net - I haven't

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