[RC5] Roll your own client?

Marc Sissom marcus at teleteam.net
Mon Dec 21 16:25:31 EST 1998

> On 20 Dec 1998, Geoff Wing wrote:
> > It's compiled inside the client.  So, yes, those of us running non-NetBSD
> > clients on NetBSD will be crediting another OS.  Similarly for any other
> > OS which is running rc5des for a different OS.  You can build your own
> > client now though I haven't done so yet.  I don't know if the client source
> > release is complete or ready to participate in distributed.net - I haven't
> > checked.

Since when can you build your own client? Not since RC5-56 almost 2
years ago.
>From the FAQ on http://www.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5-64-faq.html#TD0060:

>The next generation of clients (commonly referred to as v3), currently being designed,
>will be based on an open specification which will use some combination of encryption
>and signature authentication to help reduce the possibility that the code can be used
>maliciously against the effort. The spec and the source code for the v3 clients will be
>freely available to anyone who wants it. Look for them to be released sometime in early

> FAQ Revision 28-Dec-1997 02:21 GMT -- most recent changes by Charles Hubbard
> Copyright © 1997 DCTI, All Rights Reserved 

As you can see it is no longer early 1998 and there is no v3 in sight.
Will one of those "in the know" either refute or back this up?

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