[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Mon Dec 21 14:55:35 EST 1998

First off..we proved this already by defeating RC5-56 with a group of people
probably ¼ the size that we are now.  

Secondly, we are now working on RC5-64 and (soon) OGR.  SO, when it comes to
56-bit encryption schemes, we ARE in it for the money and we are trying to
beat the EFF and those are just about the only reasons I can think of to
participate in DES-3.

Any excess time we spent on DES-3 after the prize money has already been won
would be a waste.  We can see by looking at statistics how many keys we are
crunching/second.  I'm we could take the total # of keys in DES-3 and divide
by this number...if such a statistic is important to you.

The problem is that crunching DES is kind of pointless now that the EFF has
dedicated hardware attacking it.  The problem being that inside of 2 weeks,
their machine will crunch all the keys.  Even if we convert over to DES-3
quickly, it'll still take a few days to get up to their numbers and by then
the prize money will be gone.

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		I would have to agree.  Sure a specially built super
computer can find the
		key in a very short period, but isn't the point of this hole
contest to
		show that DES is week and relatively easy to break?  If we
don't finish
		it, we send the message that we are only in it for the money
and if I
		remember correctly, this is not the case.  Let's see this
contest through
		and prove that DES is obsolete once and for all (or at least
until the
		next contest rolls around).


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