[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Marc Sissom marcus at teleteam.net
Mon Dec 21 19:17:31 EST 1998

Steve Bird wrote:
> First off..we proved this already by defeating RC5-56 with a group of people
> probably ¼ the size that we are now.

Whatever that fraction was, it certainly was small.

There is at least one good reason to work on DES2/3 to the
end. That is, we have never 'completed' a keyspace. How will
the keyservers and the network as a whole behave? We don't
really know. We have a mix of online 24/7 machines and ones
with irregular dialup access. Will we be able to sustain a
decent keyrate as we near the end and start recycling blocks
that have been issued but not returned?

I vote for working DES2/3 to the end of the keyspace. So
what if it takes a few days from RC5-64. Let's see what
happens to the network.

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