[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

dbaker at cuckoo.com dbaker at cuckoo.com
Wed Dec 23 10:20:45 EST 1998

On 21-Dec-1998, Marc Sissom wrote:
> There is at least one good reason to work on DES2/3 to the
> end. That is, we have never 'completed' a keyspace. How will
> the keyservers and the network as a whole behave? We don't
> really know. We have a mix of online 24/7 machines and ones
> with irregular dialup access. Will we be able to sustain a
> decent keyrate as we near the end and start recycling blocks
> that have been issued but not returned?
> I vote for working DES2/3 to the end of the keyspace. So
> what if it takes a few days from RC5-64. Let's see what
> happens to the network.

 Actually, we're quite aware as to what will happen to the
 network upon full completion of a subspace.

 First, the master will get into a very tight recycling
 loop. It will have fewer and fewer available blocks and
 will continuously recycle un-returned blocks until they have
 all been completed.  At this point, the master will notify
 us that it is out of DES-III keys.  The proxies will then run
 out of outgoing DES-III blocks and clients will switch back to

 I still plan to disable DES as soon as the solution is
 found.  This will notify the proxies that the DES contest
 is closed and they will then notify clients and pproxies.

 I can see no benefit to completing the full DES keyspace;
 all it will do is cause more load on the proxy network and
 on the keymaster.


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