[RC5] Proposal: DES II-3 (January - Test) Work to Completion?

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Wed Dec 23 13:09:38 EST 1998

As most of you know in early January D.net will be testing new clients and
will be activating a false DES contest, just to see how well the clients
switch over.

Therefore, I have a proposal...why don't the admins put up a small keyspace
or two(something that would take the whole of d.net about an hour to solve.
This way, if a bunch of offline clients don't switch over, we'll still beat
it in a day.  

This way, we can accomplish the following:

1) Get a semi-accurate count of how many clients connect at regular
intervals and have the DES checkbox enabled.
2) See what happens if an entire contest worth of keyspaces gets
exhausted(hopefully it'll switch back to RC5-64).
3) See how many DES keys can get crunched by x-number of users.
4) Ask users to submit benchmarks to get some kind of a rough estimate of
how many DES keys x-Processor will be able to crunch.

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		On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 10:20:45 -0600, dbaker at cuckoo.com wrote:

		> I can see no benefit to completing the full DES keyspace;
		> all it will do is cause more load on the proxy network and
		> on the keymaster.

		Wouldn't that be a good reason to do the full keyspace?  Put
		keyservers, proxies, personal proxies and clients through a
		test to see how they'll handle the situation.  A lab type
beta is all
		well and good, but a live real world test might give us
		information on just how robust the network is going to be
under that
		kind of stress.


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