[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Brian Lintz lintbri at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Wed Dec 23 14:54:17 EST 1998

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 dbaker at cuckoo.com wrote:
>  The pproxies and clients wouldn't be "stress tested."  I don't see anything
>  that needs to be tested.  The contest ends when the key has been found, and
>  running it any further is useless.
>  The additional load wouldn't be enough stress for any significant
>  results.

*shakes head*  I think you might be missing what a *lot* of people are
asking for ... We'd love to see how long it would've taken us to find the
right answer.  We'd love to see a test happen that proves we can find the
key, as well as find out how long it takes us.

I realize we could take our keyrate from the first couple days, and divide
it out to see how long it would've taken us to finish the keyspace at that
rate, but hell, we could do that for rc5.  Why are we bothering to go
through the process of actually checking all the keys, if we could just
mathematically figure it out?  Reason: to see how long it actually takes.

I don't see us doing that with DES, and I'd like to.

Just seems like we're ending these tests short, instead of actually seeing
if we can successfully finish the contest.


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