[RC5] Block order?

Jason C. Leach leachjc at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 23 09:01:17 EST 1998


I was thinking, we should start at the opposite end of they keys from
EFF and work backwards.  My reasoning is: If EFF can get a good head
start due to d.net taking a while to build up to speed, in addition to
an estimated 1h delay before everyone has blocks to work on, we might
not be able to catch up to them in 24h - if at all before the key is

EFF can hit 100% cracking speed allot faster than us, and sustain it.
So it then becomes a race where we are always behind, checking blocks
they have already determined do not contain the key; and we use any
speed advantage we have to try and catch up in the end, rather than push

If we start at the END, so to speak. Then it becomes a different game.
Where the initial head start they get will not be so much a factor.
This is because as we get closer and closer to the 50% mark we get
faster and faster, thus eliminating their advantage.

Due to Entropy, they key is as likely to be in the last 1/2 as the

Some more good points to this are: someone will surely get the $10K, and
as EFF is not "really competition" it would be best that someone took
the grand prize. This reverse search would help to ensure it. Remember
ONE of us will win, and the other will get the "rusty nail".

Second this will further OUR (EFF and D.NET) cause, which is to crack
DES as fast as possible and prove it is an inferior encryption scheme.

I know EFF is not really competition in its finest sense, as we are both
working for the same cause on a more academic basis. But d.net could do
with $10K, and if EFF can afford to slap a $250K machine together they
are doing a little better than us.

Those speed differences I talked about could be proven with the stats.
from the last competition and with current stats.

Over and Out.
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                And Happy New Year.


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