[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Mike Faunce mfaunce at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 24 09:52:56 EST 1998

I (personally) don't care if we exhaust the keyspace for DES, but I would
like to see us continue until we find the key, even if EFF (or someone else)
finds it first.  If this involved exhausting the keyspace, then so be it.
We know the "system" can "find" the key, but what about the dozens of
variables that we don't normally test on the larger contests -- latency due
to the combination of faster and slower clients, communications issues, lost
blocks due to client (hardware, software and communications) problems, etc.

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On 23-Dec-1998, Denie Andriessen wrote:
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> I can see no benefit to completing the full DES keyspace;
> all it will do is cause more load on the proxy network and
> on the keymaster.
> ----------------------------
> Well, putting load on your machine, isn't that what all people
> are doing for the project ?

 Donating CPU power to a worth cause is very different from wasting
 bandwidth that friendly ISPs let us use to power our network.

 Nothing exciting would happen to the proxy network if we reached
 the end of the keyspace.  It would just use more bandwidth, especially
 in terms of the proxy<->keymaster communications.

 We've essentially already done this when we reached the end of a
 RC5-64 key subspace.  This occasionally happens when keymaster
 aren't prepared for the end of a RC5-64 subspace.


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