[RC5] Inflated block count???

Charles Franks Charlz at lvcablemodem.com
Thu Dec 24 07:08:27 EST 1998

Yesterday (12/23/98) my online machines turned in their usual number of
blocks.. normally around 300 or so... I also purged my off-line machines
via sneakernet and submitted the blocks from work.. where the connection
is firewalled... this accounted for another 300 blocks or so (I have the
exact number written down at work). However when I view my stats this
morning it shows me having completed 1771 blocks!!  Not that I really
mind the nice jump in ranking since I work as an individual :)

The only thing I can think of here is that sometimes I lose my
connection while flushing blocks back to the server(at work via the
firewall). I might transfer 20 blocks or only 5 blocks of 100 and it
will give me a network error and I start the flush again and this
repeats till all the blocks are gone. What I'm am wondering is how the
blocks get counted... is it actual physical blocks transferred or does
it assume the number from the intial handshake between client and
server? In other words if I start a flush of 100 blocks, it trasfers 25
and errors out does this count as 25 blocks or 100 blocks? The obvious
answer is 25 but I am thinking maybe its 100 and that explains my high
block count.

This could be skewing the stats if it happens to enough people.. which I
would think it doesn't but it might.

The next time this happens I will keep a better error log of all the
transfers and see how it adds up.


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