[RC5] Block order?

Stephen Berg sberg at pangaealink.com
Fri Dec 25 20:57:04 EST 1998

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:01:17 -0800, Jason C. Leach wrote:

>I was thinking, we should start at the opposite end of they keys from
>EFF and work backwards.  My reasoning is: If EFF can get a good head
>start due to d.net taking a while to build up to speed, in addition to
>an estimated 1h delay before everyone has blocks to work on, we might
>not be able to catch up to them in 24h - if at all before the key is

<Disclaimer:  On a lot of this I don't understand too well all the
really technical issues of this whole effort.  But I'm trying!>

Good reasoning, but I doubt this would make us any more likely to
find the key before EFF.  All EFF has to do is start at the same
place we start and they'll have the advantage.  Now I'm not normally
pessimistic, but I'd be willing to admit the possibility that EFF has
someone who watches these mailing lists just to see what we're doing
so they can match it.  That way we are both checking the keyspace
from the same starting point.  With their advantage of getting up to
100% effectiveness a bit quicker than we can means they'll have the
advantage, and we'll still be playing catch up with them.

Now if EFF and d.net can come to an agreement that they will start at
one end, and we'll start at the other and both race to the middle,
then we'd have a contest on our hands.  The key is just as likely to
be in either half of the keyspace which means pure luck puts us or
them closer to the key.  Maybe flip a coin to figure out which of us
starts at the first key and which starts at the last.

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