[RC5] Proposal: DES II-3 (January - Test) Work to Completion?

Marc Sissom marcus at teleteam.net
Fri Dec 25 21:22:50 EST 1998

Steve Bird wrote:
> As most of you know in early January D.net will be testing new clients and
> will be activating a false DES contest, just to see how well the clients
> switch over.
> Therefore, I have a proposal...why don't the admins put up a small keyspace
> or two(something that would take the whole of d.net about an hour to solve.
> This way, if a bunch of offline clients don't switch over, we'll still beat
> it in a day.

Now we are getting somewhere. I'm all for it.

It seems my other comments have been "moderated".
At least it appears that someone is reading them.

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