[RC5] Working to the end of DES

Nick 'wuff' Schmitt schmitt at wuff.com
Sat Dec 26 19:24:26 EST 1998

What I think a lot of people are missing is the thrill that some of the
non-mountaintop types would get from finding the key.  If we find the key
first, FANTASTIC. For a simple guy like me who is doing this for no real
reason other than 'computer brain candy' it would be like winning the lotto
without playing If we don't find it first, it's still a HUGE thrill to
think that maybe one of the 6-10 machines I have cracking keys will find
that ONE correct cypher.  Maybe then it's more like the daily pick six.

Is it really That big a deal to work until we find the right key?

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schmitt at wuff.com

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