[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Daniel dan at mci.co.uk
Sat Dec 26 11:12:33 EST 1998

ctodd at magiclink.com wrote on 24/12/98 8:19:

>   If we stop before the key is 
>found, we never know if we 
>could find the key.

I agree with this. we should work at least until we find the real key. even if someone else does find the key first the publicity argument is too compelling for me.

Surely it is better for d-net if newspapers say something along the lines of 'xxx found the winning key, followed y hours later by a group of enthusiats connected by the internet (see www.distributed.net)'

The publicity and new members generated by something like this could be far more useful than the time 'wasted' by actually finding the key.


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