[RC5] DES II-3 Work to Completion?

Yahoo Mail Daemon vivisext at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 27 02:46:28 EST 1998

---Daniel <dan at mci.co.uk> wrote:

> Surely it is better for d-net if newspapers say something along the
lines of 'xxx found the winning key, followed y hours later by a group
of enthusiats connected by the internet (see www.distributed.net)'
> The publicity and new members generated by something like this could
be far more useful than the time 'wasted' by actually finding the key.

d.net would never get coverage like that, most people dont even have a
clue what encryption is and wouldnt care unless they are giving there
credit card number.  The thing is if you dont have a clue about
computers its very hard to understand what d.net is doing, so anyone
who writes article for newspapers besides highly technical ones wont

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