[RC5] Speed increase for some Windows users...

Langis, Richard richard.langis at intel.com
Mon Dec 28 12:47:00 EST 1998

Both are a sort of TSR (terminate stay resident) program - findfast helps
index files on your drives quickly, and office startup helps with the
loading of
office apps.  I've killed these on my machines before I'd even heard of RC5
- I
don't like MS apps that sit around and do nothing 99% of the time...which is
I'm trying to transition to Linux.  ;)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: "Torren Craigie-Manson" [SMTP:torren at home.com] 
> Subject: [RC5] Speed increase for some Windows users...
> After someone brought the subject up last night on IRC, I checked four
> of "my" windows computers that have MSOffice installed.  Sure enough,
> each of them had two critters "findfast" and "office startup" loading
> via the startup group.

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