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Malcolm Miles mgm at tardis.net
Wed Dec 30 10:10:18 EST 1998

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:23:04 -0500, you wrote:

>Both Find Fast (findfast.exe) and Office Startup (osa.exe) are used by
>Microsoft Office.

>Office Startup (OSA.EXE) from what I can tell, is maily used by the Office

No need to get rid of OSA. It just initialises some of the Office 97 DLLs at startup and then goes away (see below for more details). On the other hand, Find Fast should always be blown away, RC5 or not.


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What Does the OSA Do?
OSA is responsible for doing the following:
 - Initialize Automation
 - Initialize some of the common fonts installed by Microsoft Office 97
 - Handle certain commands (New Office Document, Open Office Document,
   Help, and Screen Saver) on the Start Menu and on the Microsoft Office
   Shortcut Bar
 - Display Microsoft Outlook notifications when the Microsoft Office
   Assistant is available
What Are the Advantages of Running the OSA?
The OSA initializes the shared code that is used by the Microsoft Office 97
programs. The benefit of using the OSA to initialize shared code is that
the Microsoft Office 97 programs start faster. If the Microsoft Office 97
programs initialize shared code (instead of the OSA), the time it takes for
the program to start increases.
Can I remove the OSA?
You can safely remove the OSA without causing the Microsoft Office 97
programs to fail. However, if you remove the OSA, you no longer benefit
from the performance advantages that are provided by running the OSA.

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