[RC5] Request for new INI setting

Jan Rosier j.rosier at student.utwente.nl
Sat Jan 17 00:56:43 EST 1998

> From fracbuild 391, x86 multithreaded clients can launch 2 DES threads.
> You might want to use fracbuild 394 if available, since it it's faster
> (see what Oscar said).
> On platforms which have only one DES thread, launch two (or more)
> clients with "-numcpu 1".
> On platforms where multithread clients aren't available, launch two (or
> more) clients without any particular switch.
> If you use checkpoint files, remember that these files *can't* be shared
> !

What's the adventage of running more than one client? (Since the idle
time is going to be split over the clients).

Greetz Jan.

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