[RC5] Random Prefix Question

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at kampsax.k-net.dk
Thu Jan 1 16:00:59 EST 1998

Den 31-Dec-97 17:48:52 skrev Charles W. Hubbard følgende om "[RC5] Random Prefix Question":
> I've been trying to better understand the method by which d.net assigns
> blocks. A couple of days ago I learned (on IRC) that server assigned
> blocks currently all come from segment 0x64 and random blocks should
> come from segment 0x65.

That worries me because my logs show that I have have received 312
segment 65 blocks from two key proxies (alde.com and davehard adsl). Assumng
that everybody else has also been given segment 65 blocks from the key
proxies, this means checking random blocks is effectively a waste of time.

> 4) I presume blocks assigned out of segment 0x66 aren't being tracked by
> d.net. Thanks to me at least one of my team members has done 0x66 random
> blocks. Are those blocks lost?

D.net tracks all the blocks that are returned to them.


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