[RC5] Client checkpoint file bug

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at kampsax.k-net.dk
Thu Jan 1 15:56:09 EST 1998

   In an attempt to find out why some of the blocks I've flushed aren't
acknowledged by the stats, I analysed my log files and found a bug in the RC5
client. Some blocks are being checked and completed more than once:

22. Work:Logs> grep -F -e "Completed block" rc5-64-060 rc5-64-604e | cut -f6 "-d " >blocks
22. Work:Logs> BIN:sort blocks | uniq --count --repeated
      2 64078438:00000000
      2 6407844B:A0000000
      2 64289BCA:10000000
      2 645A1CC2:80000000
      2 645F726F:20000000
      2 64740D15:50000000
      2 6479BBD7:D0000000
      2 64B98545:E0000000
      2 64B985B7:81000000
      2 64DA1D23:A0000000
      3 64F07FE7:10000000
      2 64F08126:00000000
      3 64F08192:00000000
      2 64F94605:20000000
      2 6513CE74:E1000000
      2 651BFFE3:00000000

   The dublicate checks happen because the checkpoint file is not updated
when processing of a new block starts. So if the client is restarted shortly
after that, it will pick up the already completed block from the checkpoint
file, process it and put it in the output buffer file again.

   This bug accounts for 19 of the 72 blocks of mine that have not yet shown
up in the stats.


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