[RC5] Client checkpoint file bug

Roy Wilson emperor at slic.com
Thu Jan 1 10:42:23 EST 1998

On Thu, 1 Jan 98 10:32:06 -0500, Seth Dillingham wrote:

>So, Adam/David/Jeff (er, Duncan/Nugget/Bovine), care to comment 
>'officially' on some of this, and save all of us the trouble? ;) There 
>have certainly been enough comments in the last month about disappearing 
>blocks. It would be great to have some official comment on it, including:
>     1. What the most common causes are, of AWOL blocks
>     2. What's the remedy in the situations that HAVE a remedy?
>     3. Can you, or the programmer, confirm the bug that Rask 
>         has just reported? That would be nice. It's entirely 
>         possible that it's specific to the client he's working
>         with, but not necessarily. Lots of the clients share 
>         some common code. :)

	Rask; what client are you using (OS flavor), and how did
you find the duplications?  I'd like to check my own logs for
the same duplications.  Just a sort on that position?

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