[RC5] DES 2 (in preparation of)

Mary Conner trif at serv.net
Thu Jan 1 19:21:29 EST 1998

On Thu, 1 Jan 1998, Travis Siegel wrote:
> My roommates machine does a block of rc564 stuff in 16 minutes.  This
> translates to 225 blocks/day, (considerably more than 40 blocks/day)

I usually have no interest in getting involved in computer dick size
wars, but I just thought I would note that 16 minutes per block is
not even close to 225 blocks/day, it's more like 95 or so per day.

Now, please continue the irrelevant, "my computer does more blocks than
your computer," idiocy.  We certainly have nothing better to talk about

ObRC5: Even if your computer gets 1 block/day, when DES II comes run it
on DES II if at all possible all the time.  You will be making a greater
percentage contribution to DES II than you would to rc5/64.  All available
cpu is needed if we're going to beat that deadline.

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