[RC5] Stats Update Time

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Thu Jan 1 22:37:19 EST 1998

On Thu, 1 Jan 1998, George D. Nincehelser wrote:
> Not to sound USA-centric, but are the processing of the daily statisics
> during US "Prime Time" really a good idea?
Wow... I was just going to say that <G>!

> Might there be a better time to do the stat maintenance than 0 GMT?  I
> realize there is no perfect time to satisfy everyone across the world,
> but it seems to me that 0 GMT may not be the best low-impact choice.
Should be easy to find... just take a look at the httpd (or local
equivelent) logs, and see when the least hits are taking place.  If the
database locking were better (finer), then updates could be a background

BTW - Why does the database need to be locked during updates at all?  There
should be only one updater of the database (the stats update processor that
crunches the logs).

> George

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