[RC5] [admin] Virus Scare

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Jan 1 22:16:41 EST 1998

I've just spent the past hour or so with Bovine, testing the clients for
viruses.  According to both McAfee and ThunderByte AV, none of the DOS,
Win16, Win32, or NT clients show any signs of infection.

Additional investigation shows that the specific virus mentioned,
Spanska.4250 (http://www.mcafee.com/support/techdocs/vinfo/vfi_0068.asp)
would have a very tough time infecting our code anyway.  It's a very 
unsophisticated .COM and .EXE infector that appends ~4K to the tail of
an executable.

My first guess (because this has happened in the past) is that the 
admin is using the tried and true virus scare to get an unwanted app
(the client) off the site.  That, or the system was otherwise infected 
prior to the client having been introduced to the system.

Regardless, any client downloaded from ftp.distributed.net is clear
and safe...

 nugget at slacker.com

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